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At Camelot Dental Group, our goal is to provide a comfortable and easy experience for our patients. That’s why we’re proud to offer digital dental impressions. Digital dental impressions are an incredible technology that is an effective alternative to the traditional “gooey” impression trays that many patients disliked. These digital impressions provide a simple, effective, and better experience for our patients, while allowing Dr. Chris King and Dr. Paul King to clearly view the mold of your mouth! This means better fitting crowns, bridges, and implants–and shorter visits for our patients.

The Difference Between Traditional Impressions and Digital Impressions

Digital impressions utilize an intraoral camera that easily captures a three-dimensional image of your entire mouth–including the hard and soft tissues of your mouth. Traditional impressions use a gooey substance covered-tray that is inserted into the patient’s mouth, creating more time and discomfort for the patient. Digital impressions save the patient time and discomfort while providing our team with a more accurate and detailed replica of your mouth.

The Digital Impression Process

The process of capturing a digital impression of your mouth is quick and simple. Our team will use a wand that is attached to a computer that will scan the inside of your mouth. Once the scan is complete, Dr. Chris King and Dr. Paul King will clearly be able to view the 3D image of your mouth on the computer screen. Our team will ensure that this image is accurate and clear, and once we determine this, the image will then be sent to our lab where we will use it for our patients’ various dental needs.

Benefitting Our Patients

Many people do not enjoy the sensation of biting down on a gooey substance that was used with the traditional impression process. It was especially uncomfortable for those with sensitive teeth, a serious gag reflex, or who suffer dental anxiety. Digital impressions provide a quick, effective, and easy way for Dr. Chris King and Dr. Paul King to view the inside of our patient’s mouths. We’re proud to be able to offer a highly effective alternative to traditional impressions that benefit both our patients and our team!

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