Non–Surgical Root Canal

At Camelot Dental Group, we are proud to offer many different endodontic services and types of treatment for our patients depending on each unique case. In the field of endodontics, our team works often with root canals and other types of root canal treatment. There are mainly two different types of root canal treatments–surgical root canals and non-surgical root canals. Most of the time, our practice deals with non-surgical root canals.

What Are Non-Surgical Root Canals?

Non-surgical root canals are very similar to a really deep tooth filling. Although this is not the exact same procedure and it deals with more complex structures of the tooth, there are some basic similarities. During a non-surgical root canal procedure, Dr. Chris King and Dr. Paul King will use a drill tool to access and remove the infected root of the tooth to properly clean it. Then, Dr. Chris King and Dr. Paul King will expertly fill the tooth to prevent any further damage or infection from taking place. All of this treatment is done under the use of local anesthetic, so you will barely feel a thing! 

Non-surgical root canals truly are a rather simple procedure.Dr. Chris King and Dr. Paul King have several years of experience performing these procedures, so you can feel confident knowing that you are in good hands. Typically, a non-surgical root canal can be completed in only one or a few visits and will require at least one follow-up visit with our team. 
If you have any additional questions regarding this procedure, we invite you to please reach out to our office at 614-451-5115. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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