Digital X-Rays

Dental x-rays capture in-depth, detailed images of a patient’s teeth and mouth that the naked eye cannot see. These x-rays are performed by our team of trained experts and they are typically considered to be one of the most common diagnostic tools in dentistry. These images allow Dr. Chris King and Dr. Paul King to see a much clearer and more detailed view of our patient’s teeth, gums, and mouth which can reveal signs of infection, disease, trauma, bone loss, and many other issues.

The Benefits of Digital X-Rays

At Camelot Dental Group, our goal is to provide the best, most accurate dental care possible for our patients. That’s why we are proud to offer the latest high-performing technology, such as digital x-rays, to better help treat our patients for all of their oral health care needs. 

Depending on your discussion with Dr. Chris King and Dr. Paul King regarding your unique dental situation and treatment plan, our team will typically perform digital x-rays on our patients periodically. Once these x-rays are taken, they are available instantly on our monitors and are stored electronically within your records for Dr. Chris King, Dr. Paul King and the rest of our team to view. 

These images aid Dr. Chris King and Dr. Paul King in helping to detect and treat a number of oral health issues that may not be seen at first glance or without the use of x-rays at all. Compared to traditional x-rays, digital x-rays provide much clearer images and emit about 90% less radiation!

Intraoral X-Rays vs. Extraoral X-Rays

The most common type of digital x-rays that our practice uses are intraoral x-rays. A safe sensor is placed inside the mouth of the patient, which allows for a very highly-detailed image of the patient’s teeth, gums, and mouth. This allows Dr. Chris King and Dr. Paul King to be able to view and detect a number of dental issues such as:

  • Locating cavities
  • Examining the roots and bones of the teeth and mouth
  • View the overall health of the mouth, teeth, and gums

Extraoral x-rays are captured outside of the patient’s mouth. These types of x-rays are used to see the “bigger picture” of a person’s mouth and teeth and jaw structure. Extraoral x-rays help Dr. Chris King and Dr. Paul King to precisely examine the following:

  • Impacted teeth
  • Tooth growth and development
  • Facial bones
  • Teeth and jaw connection
  • Presence of cysts, tumors, and oral cancer

At Camelot Dental Group, our goal is to provide the best dental care to our patients. Digital x-rays are an amazing technology that helps our team to accurately and efficiently detect, diagnose, and treat a variety of oral health issues.  It is important to receive periodical dental x-rays at your appointment with us so our team can provide you with the best care! We encourage you to ask any questions you may have about x-rays by giving us a call today: 614-451-5115.

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